Origin Beard Oil (Cedar) – All-Natural Made in USA – Stimulates Growth, Softens Hair, Reduces Itch – 1oz

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If there’s one thing no man wants, it’s a flaky beard. There’s nothing more annoying than seeing a snowstorm on a fresh shirt. It’s embarrassing and disgusting. Keeping the skin underneath our beards moisturized is important for reducing dry skin and ultimately beardruff. Origin Beard oil uses powerful all-natural oils to keep skin and beards moist while not being overly oily.


What’s the one thing that all men with beards want? A full beard. That’s why Origin beard oil uses high-quality all-natural oils shown to add vibrance and support beard growth to give you that epic presence.


We’ve combined a mixture of perfectly blended oils hand-selected to work in synergy to leave your beard looking clean, fresh and healthy so you can focus on what you do best. Being a man.


originorigin About ORIGIN

Dedicated to resurrecting manufacturing in the United States, Origin is on a mission to innovate and create durable high-quality products for your active lifestyle.

Made by American hands, Origin offers apparel, footwear, training gear, nutritional supplements, and personal care items to keep you feeling and performing at your best

Revitalizes dry skin Reduces flaking Stimulates growth Improves appearance & conditioning

FIGHT BEARDRUFF: Soothes dry and itchy skin and facial hair. No more scratching, just a great beard.
FRESH FRAGRANCE: Our Perfect Storm Cedar fragrance will confidently ensure your beard smells as fresh as it looks.
ALL-NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Sunflower Oil for hydration, Sweet Almond Oil for softer skin and hair, Jojoba Oil to strengthen hair.
HANDMADE IN USA: Made by American hands for American beards.

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