Natural Beard Growth Oil for Men – with Cedarwood & Tea Tree Oil – Easy Beard Dispenser and Pump – Natural Conditioner and Softener – Beard Thickening Spray (2 fl. oz) – Made in USA

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Product Description

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Bearded gentlemen – Heed Well! I have news of a most excellent nature! Whether your beard is curly or straight, red, blonde, black, or brown, dry or oily, timid or wild—this Beard Oil will act as your tool, your potion, your miracle. You might wonder—How? Well, good sir, read on! Organic ingredients? Always and forever! Beard growth? With our Cedar tree oil imported exclusively from the Magic Forest of Elysium, rosemary extract exuded from the pores of Atlas, and other growth-inducing oils from places like The Viking’s Valhalla, you can bet it on hair of your chiny, chin, chin. Actually, in scientific clinical trials it’s been proven that Polished Gentleman Beard Oil makes it precisely 6.8 billion times faster to achieve the beard of your dreams. The only way to improve on it is improve your dreams, and per account it also helps with that. Softer, stronger, thicker, shinier, HEALTHIER beards? As a bearded gentleman you deserve a mane unlike any other, the most polished facial fur ever. A mane so fierce, so manly, so marvelous that it’s the envy of your friends, the pride of your parents, the magnet of lady friends, the solver of problems, the maker of laws, the arbiter of international disputes. Be a man who is also a lion. Be a fighter for love and a lover of the good fight. Be a gentleman… a Polished Gentleman.

What Makes Us Marvelous – Ingredients Ernest Hemingway Would Use!

polished gentleman beard oil ingredientspolished gentleman beard oil ingredients

The natural, organic, and magical ingredients included in my most masculine of formulas is of the utmost importance. I have searched the world over by hot air balloon and the depths of the the oceans by humpback whale to bring you the best ingredients nature has to offer, and I can confidently say I have succeeded in that search.

Tea Tree Oil stimulates the beard follicle and promotes beard growth. But that’s not all: like a friend readily armed with hand sanitizer, it can help fight against dandruff, itching, acne, warts, and more. Pretty fantastic, huh?

Argan Oil is incredibly rich, like a certain famous duck’s uncle known for swimming in gold. But instead of gold, argan oil is rich in vitamins A and E, as well as packed with fatty acids, linoleic acids, and antioxidants, making it very moisturizing and anti-inflammatory. As if superhuman, it can even encourage cell regeneration! Nice as sliced spice pies!

Rosemary Oil isn’t just delicious, it also stimulates a significant increase in new beard growth. It works to decrease beard loss and improve the microcirculation of the beard-yielding skin, also known as your face. Plus, it can help with dandruff, dry scalp, and balding. Simply sensational!

If you aren’t impressed yet than chances are you wouldn’t be moved by the remarkably suave monkey in a top hat I once saw robbing a liquor store. Anyway, Polished Gentleman has a multitude of incredible, natural, and supernatural ingredients making our products as healthy, effective, and gentlemanly as they are. Buy my Beard Growth set now to start cultivating the best facial fur you’ve ever experienced!

How To Use Beard Oil – No Longer Will You Have to Fumble With a Dropper, User Our Easy Pump Dispenser!

how to use beard oilhow to use beard oil

Polished Gentleman beard oil is essential to keep your beard healthy, strong, soft, shiny, tangle free, and full. After all, your face is one of your prime money-makers, so you should bank on it! Beard oil won’t just help your beard but your hair follicles and skin underneath! It will help throughout the growing process and stop pesky itchy dry skin! Our Beard bottle is the best in the biz because we use a mess-free easy top that squirts out the perfect amount each and every time, so you don’t have to fumble with a silly dropper!

Squirt 2 pumps into the palm of your hand and rub in between both hands and fingertips for even distribution. Massage the beard oil first into your skin beneath your beard. Work evenly throughout your beard gently pulling your fingers through your beard hair to get good coverage and don’t neglect your mustache! Style your beard as you desire with Polished Gentleman Beard Comb, Mustache Wax, and Beard Balm for maximum results. Use the excess beard oil as a moisturizer for the rest of your face and neck if you wish. Bask in the compliments to your glorious beard!

Pro Tip: Use beard oil any time of day, but it’s best to apply after your morning or evening shower when your skin/pores are still open, warm. and slightly damp to get the best absorption/results.

We Have All the Proper Tools to Cultivate the Most Glorious Beard of Your Dreams!

beard setbeard set

Beard Softeners, shampoos, conditioners, waxes, balms, oils, and combs! We have ALL the tools of the trade! No matter if you’re trying to grow, maintain, or style your beard, Polished Gentleman makes beard products that work with any beard shape and size! We make all of our products here in the good old US of A, so you can be sure that they are professional grade! Reach out to us with any questions or tips and we will always be there to lend a helping hand!

Beard Softeners, shampoos, conditioners, waxes, balms, oils, and combs!

paraben free, sulfate free, no harsh chemicals, cruelty free, natural, organicparaben free, sulfate free, no harsh chemicals, cruelty free, natural, organic

Quality is Decidedly Polished. And that’s why Polished Gentleman is paraben free, sulfate free, cruelty free, perfume free, and alcohol free. So organic you’ll feel like a bear wearing a top hat.

bearded gentleman, polished gentlemanbearded gentleman, polished gentleman

Protect your beardedness. I make sure everything is carefully pH balanced to be used every day without stripping away your skins natural oils. Because being unbalanced can put you in the loony bin.

refined, polished, classy, suave, gentlemanrefined, polished, classy, suave, gentleman

You don’t Have to be Alluring, Manly, Debonair and At Times Simply Sublime – It’s Just That We Know that Deep Down in a Place You Have Trouble Contacting You Really Are… A Polished Gentleman.

Naturally magnificent. Infused with olive, jojoba, avocado and argan oils for naturally magnificent beard volume.
Smell tremendous. Create sensory delight with rosemary and cedarwood oil extract.
Smooth, silky and sexy. Turn itchy, dry and cranky beard into softer, shinier and glorious facial hair.
Non-toxic. These beard care products are made organically free from chemicals that cause infections.