Mane Tame Beard Oil – Freshly Showered Scent Women Love – No Fuss Pump 2oz Bottle – Organic Oils Softens Your Beard and Stops Itching – Great Beard Oil and Conditioner For Men


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Our story

How we got our start?

Established in Los Angeles in January 2016, Mane Tame Professional Men’s Grooming was built behind the foundation of two generations of southern California barbers and entrepreneurs who have a strong background in the behind-the-scenes landscape of the personal care business.

What makes our product unique?

With careful study and evaluation of the men’s grooming industry we found that a large percentage of men were using a piece-meal sort of all star team comprised of 3-5 different brands of products.

Why we love what we do?

Products for a new generation who care as much about their appearance as they do the intangible core values that they themselves are defined by. We make products with a passion & enthusiasm for our customers. Not for the simple fact that they buy from us, but rather that they value performance.

A SCENT YOU’LL ALL LOVE: You’ve just stepped out of a soapy hot shower and splashed on light cologne when you realize your lady is right behind you, breathing in your heavenly smell, ready to eat you up. Well, we’ve bottled THAT scent into this great beard oil for men. Enjoy!
BEST BEARD GROOMING INGREDIENTS: This unique formula combines Organic Hemp Seed and Argan Oil with selected non-toxic beard conditioners. Paraben, Sulphate and Phalate Free. If 100% oils struggle to penetrate your barren dry hair, a premium beard oil combination can condition deep, while controlling the surface fuzz.
WON’T WEIGH YOUR FACE DOWN: Some heavy facial hair oil can leave a mad oil slick. Our blend of light oils PLUS beard conditioners produces a dense, serum like oil, that naturally absorbs into coarse hair fast. No need to use much, just 1-2 pumps and that’s it!
TAME YOUR MANE: Smooth rogue hairs, and style your beard like you mean business. This is not just a basic beard oil or softener, this is a sweet spot between a wiry face of tumbleweed mountainman hair, or a total mouthbreathing oil slick. You want a well groomed beard? You got it. Order Now.

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