BEARDOHOLIC Premium Quality Beard Oil and Leave-in Conditioner, Softener, Pure Organic Natural, Pine Scented, Promotes Beard Growth and Stops Itchiness


Price: $24.99
(as of Oct 05,2021 08:59:02 UTC – Details)

almond oil, argan oil, castor oil, pine scent, jojoba, grape seed oil, wheat germ oil, essential oil,
EXTRA ABSORBENT AND NON-GREASY: Keep your facial hair neat, smooth and entirely tangle-free without making it look and feel greasy. This growth beard oil absorbs into your beard completely after only a few minutes, leaving it to look clean and incredibly soft to the touch. Only a few drops of this beard grow oil is enough to provide the full coverage and make your beard incredibly manageable and easy to tame.
PLEASANT PINE SCENT: The essence of pine is refreshing, but not overwhelming so you can combine this pine-scented oil even with your favorite cologne or face wash without mixing the fragrances. You won’t have to worry about the overbearing smell that follows you around since the scent is the strongest when you apply it, but dissipates after only a few minutes leaving you with a subtle, but delightful feeling all day.
DARK AMBER GLASS BOTTLE FOR LONGER SHELF LIFE: This growth beard oil is stored in bottles made from dark amber which protects the oil from UV light rays and oxidation. A dark amber bottle is the best material option for storing a beard oil since oils are light sensitive and quickly lose their effectiveness if exposed to light. However, that won’t happen to your men oil since the dark amber glass will double its lifetime and efficiency.
LASTS FOR AT LEAST 3 MONTHS: Just a few drops of the organic, scented beard grow oil go a long way in making your beard grow faster, thicker and fuller. This means the bottle of 1 fl oz or 30 ml will last you for at least 3 months. Even just a few drops of this oil for beard growth will penetrate deep into the hair roots and hydrate each follicle while moisturizing and hydrating the skin beneath the beard.

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