Jack Black – Beard Wash, 6 fl oz – PureScience Formula, Aloe & Panthenol, Multifunctional Beard Treatment, Softens…

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Product Description

Men with facial hair are often challenged to find an effective all-inclusive product to keep their beards and the skin underneath healthy and free of oil and dirt. For those searching for such a product, Jack Black has a solution. Jack Black Beard Wash is a multifunctional formula that helps cleanse, condition, and soften facial hair by removing dirt and oil while conditioning the hairs and skin underneath. The gentle PureScience formula also breaks down buildup, softens facial hair, and leaves it with a natural shine. Beard Wash helps you maintain healthy facial hair while reducing the potential for itchy skin. For optimal results, apply a small amount of Beard Wash to wet hands, work into a lather, and massage into the beard. Rinse until the product has been removed.

Brand Story

Jack Black is a trusted authority in men’s grooming and takes a refreshingly effective, honest approach to helping men look and feel their best.

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