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Product Description

VIKICON beard growth kit with beard guardVIKICON beard growth kit with beard guard

VIKICON Beard Growth Kit W/ Extra Beard Guard

beard growth kit with beard guardbeard growth kit with beard guard

beard growth kit with beard guardbeard growth kit with beard guard

[What You Get]

Beard Guard

Beard Wash-2 FL OZ/ 60 ML

Beard Growth Serum-1 FL OZ/ 30 ML

Beard Balm-1OZ/30 g

Storage Bag

A Gift box

VIKICON Multi-purpose Beard Protector

The Beard Protector is a multi-purpose beard care product. It has been called by many names; a beard guard, a beard bonnet, a beard bib, a beard cover. Whichever you decide to call it and whatever you decide to use it for, it will be one of the best investments you’ve ever made for your beard.

Day protection: Prevent the food soup sauce from staining the beard, effectively keeping the beard clean and tidy.

Night protection: Prevent your beard from rubbing against cotton pillowcases which can dry out your beard.

Durable and reusable: Made of smooth silk fabric with soft and durable construction, which is breathable, washable and wearable

Natural Ingredients for Your Beard

beard wash

beard wash

beard growth serum

beard growth serum

beard balm

beard balm

60ml Beard Wash

Main Ingredients: Coconut oil, Olive oil, Joioba seed oil, Sunflower seed oil, Vegetable glycerin, Aloe vera, Rosemary leaf extract, Shea butter, Organe oil, Clove flower oil.

Deep-clean beard / mustacheGet rid of beard dandruffPromote growthAntipruritic, mild and non-irritating

30ml Natural Beard Oil

Main Ingredients: Grape seed oil, Olive fruit oil, Sesameseed extract, Ginkgo biloba nut extract, Ginger root oil, Tea tree leaf oil, peppermint essential oil.

Prevent the beard breakage and split endsRepair damaged beardKeep beard moist and fitPromotes the growth of male beards

30g Beard Balm

Main Ingredients: Argan oil, Maginferalndica butter, Jojoba oil, Grapeseed oil, beeswax, Sweet orange oil.

Condition the beard, Seal in moistureKeep stray hairs in check Moisturize beard, stop dry and bifurcated Make beard growth faster, thicker and fuller

How To Use The Beard Growth Kit

beard washbeard wash

Step 1

Apply a small pea-size amount of beard wash, add water, massage into your beard and then rinse it.

beard growth serumbeard growth serum

Step 2

Apply the beard oil and massage gently. Nourish your beard with beard growth serum.

beard balmbeard balm

Step 3

Apply the beard balm and massage gently. Ues beard balm to create a look as desired.

beard guard beard protectorbeard guard beard protector

Step 4

Wear it anywhere when you need it.

Beard Guard protects your beard allowing it to flourish, locks in essence, and allows product essence to be distributed evenly throughout your beard. Beard Guard alone does not promote growth.

beard growth kit with beard guardbeard growth kit with beard guard

[Beard Growth Serum and Beard Balm] – The active natural ingredients of beard oil can help facial hair growth. Beard balm can be smoothed, straightened and controlled beard, and your beard looks more attractive.
[Beard Protector and Beard Wash] – Our beard protector is handmade from high-quality fabrics, which is durable, comfortable and breathable and adjustable. The beard wash will help clean and soften your beard and say goodbye to itchy irritated skin.
[Easy and Convenient to Use] – Simple and effective use-stick to the beard care kit according to the following steps to get the ideal beard. Step1: clean the beard with a beard wash; step 2: apply the beard growth oil evenly on the beard and the place where the beard needs to grow; step 3: apply the beard balm. Long-term use will have better results and grow beard thicker.
[Package Included] – It comes with most of the essentials – beard wash(60 ml), beard oil(30 ml), beard balm(30 g) and a beard guard. Small package with essentials beard products for beard care.

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