Beard Growth Kit Derma Roller with Biotin Beard Growth Oil Serum, Derma Roller Natural Beard Oil for Men Patchy Beard Growth with Beard Roller Cleanser and Comb


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Product Description


What effect does Biotin have on Beard Growth?

Biotin is also known as vitamin H or B7. The pure and natural biotin beard growth oil will help you to overcome the weak and brittle beard. All the biotin really does is that it strengthens the beard naturally produced by your face, and can even turn vellus beard into terminal ones, so that will automatically result in avoiding brittle beard and promoting beard thickness.

Beard Roller – Patchy Beard Growth Solution

The micro-needling roller combined with beard growth oil, it’s definitely one of the most effective to fix a patchy beard.

The beard rollers will improve the circulation to the beard area, enhance the collagen production, and stimulate the beard growth. This could result in an increased rate of natural beard growth, making your beard thicker over time.

How often should use the Beard Roller?

Most experts recommend using the beard roller two times per week for facial beard growth purposes.

How to clean the Beard Roller?

You could use the beard roller cleanser spray to clean the beard roller easily before and after each use.



Strengthen beard follicles to promote beard growthImproves blood circulation, delivers biotin vitamins to the hair folliclesPromotes beard growth thicknessMakes your beard soft, shiny, smooth & healthySoothes & conditions the facial skinSuitable for all types of skin careSafe and Painless











For personal use only for hygiene.Do not use on skin that has acne, eczema, sensitive, irritated, inflamed, open wounds, raised moles, warts.Do not use under eyes or on lips.Discontinue use if irritation occurs.Keep out of reach of children.Beware of metal allergies.

What’s Included?

1 × Beard Growth Oil

1 × Beard Roller

1 × Beard Roller Cleanser

1 × Beard Comb

1 × Instructions For Use


🤩SEE WHAT THE POWER OF BIOTIN – The secret of the growth oil strength lies in its proprietary formula. By combining biotin, D Panthenol (Pro-Vitamin B5), and other active ingredients and nutrients, it provides a follicle boosting effect that can assist in the retention and growth of natural, healthy-looking beard.
🔍THE ONLY LENGTH THAT CAN STIMULATE COLLAGEN! Shorter needles can’t develop new hair follicles, they only help in serum absorption. Manufactured with the highest quality medical Titanium. We comply with the highest manufacturing standards to ensure that all of our products are top quality. Be careful with companies that can’t say the same!
✔UNIQUE & CONVENIENT CLEANSER – The unique cleanser is specially designed for cleaning beard roller. The beard roller needs to be cleaned before each use. With it, cleaning is very easy. And the natural wooden comb is comfortable and durable, it can help you stay away from frizzy beards.
🎁BEST GIFT FOR BEARD GENTLEMEN – The beard growth kit is the most perfect beard care gift for men. It’s a great gift choice for every gentleman with a storage box on birthday, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or Christmas. Enjoy your beard growth with our beard care kit!

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