Morocco Beard Balm by The Bearded Bastard| for A More Attractive & Healthy Beard | Mens Beard Balm, Essential Oils… Price: $26.00 (as of 16/12/2020 14:10 PST- Details)

The BEST natural ingredients
Calms scratchiness of new growth
Keeps stray hairs at bay


With notes of peppermint, cloves, Madagascar vanilla, Colombian coffee, and precious resins, the Morocco Beard Balm will transport you to the aromatic streets of the Moroccan spice markets.

About The Bearded Bastard: The Bearded Bastard was founded in 2011 when Jeremiah “The Bearded Bastard” Newton went looking for natural mustache waxes and beard oils to tame his own wily whiskers and came up empty handed.

Not content to settle for petroleum based products with an awful smell, he set to work experimenting with natural ingredients local to Texas to create the Woodsman beard oil and mustache wax that are now used by countless thousands around the world.

Since then, The Bearded Bastard has grown to offer new natural products and fragrances that offer olfactive experiences unlike those found in commercial products. Each and every beard oil offered by The Bearded Bastard is created with natural ingredients that have been demonstrated to work to soften facial hair and reduce itching and flaking while attracting passersby with their aromatics.

Even today, every product made by The Bearded Bastard is made by hand in Austin, TX, using natural ingredients, real wood labels, and workers paid a fair living wage. This is American made the way it was intended.

The BEST natural ingredients
Calms scratchiness of new growth
Keeps stray hairs at bay
Formulated to condition beard hair and facial skin
Made by hand in Austin, TX


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