Ultimate Comfort Shaving Cream for Sensitive Skin, Lab Series Alternative, 8 Oz Jar


Price: $29.99
(as of Apr 23,2021 08:45:27 UTC – Details)

Ladies are you tired of seeing your man with razor burn, nicks and cuts, then give them Ultimate Comfort Shave Cream from Face Skin Care. Ultimate Comfort Shave Cream is unlike any other shave cream on the market. It lubricates, protects, and reducess the side effects of shaving. We have removed or minimized certain skin irritants like preservatives to make your shave more comfortable than you have ever experienced. We use high quality natural ingredients and materials to give you the closest shave possible. While free of Benzocaine, we have added Lidocaine (0.31%) to reduce the pain associated with shaving for those with sensitive skin. Lidocaine temporarily numbs your skin affording you a high level of comfort. Many men and women experience side effects associated with shaving. Most people believe that a poor shave or side effects of shaving are the result of a dull razor blade, but the reality is that many shaving side effects are caused by the poor lubrication. Many shave creams have a limited ability to act as a lubicant for your razor. This is best demonstrated by taking a amount of aerosol shaving cream and letting it sit out over night. All the air disappears and what your left with is what you are really putting on your face. Not much there to protect your face. Many people experience chemically associated side effects of irritation, redness and drying of the skin form the ingredients in their shave cream. All of these can be avoided by using a quality shave cream like Face Skin Care's Ultimate Comfort Shave Cream. So leave the drugstore aerosol can behind and step up to the high quality comfortable shave provided by Ultimate Comfort Shave Cream. Face Skin Care Ultimate Comfort Shave Cream is the ideal replacement for the Original Labs Series Maximum Comfort Shave Cream with Benzocaine. Please review our returns policy on our website.

Unscented, paraben-free, not tested on animals
Replacement for the original Lab Series Maximum Comfort Shave Cream
Works great for both men and women
Made in the USA