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Take Control Of That Beard! Here’s The Best Morning/Night Routine To Keep Your Beard Looking Good All Day Long!


What is Beard Balm For?

Beard Balm is designed to be applied to your beard, and its job is to soften the beard hair, condition the skin under the beard, help stop itches and dry skin under your beard, and most importantly.. Provide a moderate amount of “hold” to stop most flyaway beard hairs. The hold is provided due to the beeswax contained in the beard balm.  TrustedBeards recommends beard balm once your beard is long enough that you want to shape it.

How Do I Use Beard Balm?

1. Wet Your beard and apply a thumb-nail sized dollop to one of your palms and rub your palms together. Use less if you have a shorter beard, and more if you have a longer beard but if your beard feels greasy afterwards.. Try using a bit less next time around.

2. Massage the beard balm into your beard, with the goal of applying it to the root of your beard.  It will naturally spread across your entire beard as you continue to massage it in.

3. Once it is in your beard, take your comb and evenly distribute through your mane. Any remaining beard balm in your hand can be rubbed on your hair, arms or washed off.

When Do I Apply Beard Balm?

This is actually one of the biggest misconceptions when first learning about and using beard balm. Most people naturally assume that its best to apply your beards balm in the morning, as you would with any other hair product as you’re getting ready for the day.. Well, you might be surprised to learn that it’s actually the opposite.. Right Before Bed!


Hear me out.. Now don’t get me wrong.. Applying your balm in the morning is perfectly fine and is still beneficial to your mane. But if you apply it at night before bed, you’ll start to notice you won’t even need to reapply in the morning. You’ll wake up with a soft, manageable beard that looks great and has absorbed any residual greasyness from the night before. Just running your comb through it is usually enough and everything will lay in place.

Now If you have an extremely wild beard that really doesn’t like to listen.. Then you may have to apply a very small amount still in the morning, but will still be a huge improvement over not using the balm before you go to sleep. Either Way, just do yourself a favor and at least try this and feel the difference.

One Of My Go-To Sites That I Trust & Recommend

Rocky Mountain Barber Co.

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These guys have been around for awhile now, and I am always impressed with the products and service I receive from them. Go check them out! They have a great selection of Beard oils, Balms, and many other products to keep you looking and feeling good about yourself and your mane. I personally enjoy the Sandalwood and Cedarwood scents as my current daily balms.

What are everyone’s favorite scents? Drop a comment down below. You never know, we might just send you a bottle of your favorite beard oil..! We send out freebies monthly to our subscribers! Join now for your entry into each months drawings.



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